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5.5oz Foaming Sugar Scrubs

5.5oz Foaming Sugar Scrubs

This is our everyday core line of Grumpy Girl Scents in a 5.5oz tub size!

Most scrubs you buy are made from nasty, yucky, oily or waxy bases. Not ours. We loving formulated our own secret recipe in small batches to give you the very best body scrub you deserve.

Why waste your money on what everyone else has when you can have something unique, brilliant and oh so yummah... just like you! Party on with your smooth self girl! Pure Hawaiian cane sugar combined with rich butters, and moisturizing oils leave your skin panting for more, more, MORE! Add in a tad but of suds action and you feel super clean but never squeaky.

Thick, rich, moisturizing and FULL of sugar. A little goes a long way. Just take out a quarter sized amount roll it into a ball and scrub, scrub, scrub.

Net Weight 8.5oz
$9.25 (at this price you should order 10)
Pick Your Poison

5.5oz Foaming Sugar Scrubs is awesome. Let's discuss.