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All About Us

Really, it's about YOU.

We like to have fun around here... Seriously, we do. We enjoy the daily company of Ralph the tutu wearing monkey and Little Stevie our under age child labor shipping coordinator (He's 7 years old and loves to ship himself randomly to our customers just because...) and it's nothing to come by the warehouse on any given day and see Debbie spanking Little Stevie for being a very very bad boy, me giggling hysterically while writing new scent descriptions in the office, or the UPS dude boogie by with Ralph while listening to really bad 80's music under the spinning disco ball we keep in the packing area. Fun is what we have to live for. Life is too short to always have your panties in a wad.

When I first started formulating products over 12 years ago, we were one of the first companies that just went for the gusto with a healthy dose of dry humor, sarcasm and FUN. Grumpy Girl is written, formulated, produced, and manufactured by me and now my new partner Debbie. The Grumpy Girl logo on the front of our website and all of our packaging is actually a self portrait of me and yes, I come by it honest. Our products and descriptions are hilarious, as we strive to be unique. Lets face it, there are a zillion cosmetic companies out there that offer pretty much what everyone else is offering you. How boring. We broke that mold years ago and people try and fail to copy us because we live this lifestyle daily. Did I also mention that our quality can't be beat? I absolutely refuse to take any shortcuts when it comes to the quality of our products, and we will NEVER buy from a supplier that tests on animals nor do we do any animal testing. (Unless you count Ralph taking soaps and scrubs into the shower to use. We can't stop him you know.)

Our focus has always been to offer you the highest quality product at the best price we can with a little snarkiness and dry humor behind it. Our customer service is the best in the business. We live by the old southern rule of always doing the right right. (The correct right thing to do, vs the wrong one. :-D) We've even went so far as to hire the world's only talking monkey to help us out around here by answering the phones and replying to your emails. Though recently Ralph has gotten to the point where he leaves little bits of bananas on the keyboard of the office computer and my new iphone so his telephone privileges have been revoked for now. Honestly, what other company out there has a talking monkey who wears a pink tutu and tiara?

So, whether you're a fabulous teenager, a hip college student, young professional on the go, a guy, housewife, mommy or grandma, we'd love it if you'd sit a spell and have a laugh whenever you get the chance to visit us and maybe even give a few of our products a try. We know you work hard for your money, and we sincerely are humbled every single time you choose us to indulge and pamper yourself. Grumpy Girl represents the cranky little girl or boy that lives in the heart of every person today. She's smart, loads of fun, witty, sexy, modest, a tiny bit risque; as well as a tiny bit spoiled. She's high maintenance but extremely independent and able to get what she wants, whenever she wants it, and she knows the very best when she sees it. And if you look real close, just around the edges, there lives the tiniest hint of sarcasm and bitchiness just waiting for its next victim.
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